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amethyst and galena oil painting on linen, lou reed
Galena & Amethyst (You're going to reap just what you sow)
Oil on Linen
23.5" x 23.5"

Featuring the toxic mineral galena with amethyst, inspired by the lyrics of Lou Reed.

In these works the subject matter is toxic minerals. I worked to explore the dual nature of these beautiful and poisonous minerals. These ornamental objects draw in the viewer but simultaneously conceal a darker nature. These objects themselves and the reactions they evoke are all naturally occurring substances that can be observed over and over from different perspectives.

These minerals taken from nature are rearranged and coupled with lines of some of my favorite poems. These sometimes sentimental, sometimes callous words serve as a documentation to a very significant time of my life. I began working on this series in the summer of 2014 while caring for my one month old son. I’m attempting to capture the fragile relationship between myself and others through an unidealistic lens as I struggle to recognize myself as an artist and a parent in this difficult but naturally occurring process.

Includes custom built wooden frame

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